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Thanks to the latest in 3D dental technology, you can have a faster, more efficient, more comfortable experience when getting a dental crown.

Fast, efficient turnaround time

  • No waiting for months with a temporary crown

  • No repeat appointments
  • No more prolonged, uncomfortable impressions

During your appointment, the dental team will take a 3D scan of your tooth and surrounding area.

This image can then be viewed by the dentist, and yourself, on the computer screen. This allows the dentist to explain the treatment in closer detail. Plus, you can see for yourself exactly what is going on.

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Digitally fabricated restorations are better – not just faster

Digital restorations are the modern, fast solution for many patients, providing many benefits:

  • Looks and feels just like a normal tooth
  • Highly durable
  • Stain resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Preserves natural tooth, prevents it from breaking

Dental crowns are used for many reasons

Dental crowns are lifesavers – they can be used in many different ways, protecting and often prolonging the life of your tooth.

  • Broken teeth – sometimes, over time, your teeth can break. Providing that your dentist deems it solvable, they may recommend a crown to hold the tooth together and keep it functional and healthy.
  • Cracked teeth – your teeth can crack for many reasons, such as accidentally biting into a hard object. This crack may become worse over time, causing pain. A crown can hold your tooth together, minimising the risk of further damage.
  • Aesthetic reasons – sometimes, for cosmetic benefits, it’s easier to use a crown rather than a porcelain veneer if your tooth is badly damaged or there is not enough of your natural tooth for a veneer.
  • Tooth loss – a dental implant, abutment and then crown can fill the gap of the missing tooth. This has the added advantages of not only giving you a new, lifelike tooth, but the implant will take the place of the tooth root, keeping your bone tissue nice and strong. Your new crown will also stop your existing teeth from falling in towards the gap, causing cosmetic and alignment problems.

Please Note

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Payment plans & early Super release

Did you know you can apply to have your super released early to help cover the costs of your dental procedure? We also have easy payment plans available.

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