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From a routine scale and clean to replacing several missing teeth - Dentistry Plus are the transformation dentists Joondalup residents rely on to achieve the smile that they deserve.

Whilst we perform amazing cosmetic transformations, we're also focussed on ensuring you have a healthy and functional mouth for as long as possible. This remains true whether we're looking after your natural teeth or if we're replacing lost teeth. We're here for you long-term.

Whether you know exactly what you need or just know that you "should probably see the dentist", our friendly staff can't wait to hear from you and book you into your next appointment.


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A Plus to going with us

With 70+ 5 star reviews on Google for our Joondalup clinic alone, you can be confident that there's a Plus to going with us.

Not only do our dental team boasts more than 100 years of experince between them but have the dedication and passion to their craft to take the upmost care in even the most simple of procedures.

With a tight-knit family and amazing work culture, we're happy to be here. And we're happy to welcome you to our clinic to showcase our capabilities in giving you a happy and healthy smile.


(08) 9300 1515

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Dental for the people.

Changing people’s lives, one smile at a time.

Dental for the people

It's more than just a tagline for us.

We genuinely do everything in our power to make quality dental services accessible to as many people as possible.

For a start, there is no extra charge for the weekends. So, don't put up with pain or inconvenience and see us when you need us.

We also offer a range of different payment plans so that you can pay your dental care off, bit by bit.

You're able to use Afterpay here, you can pay for your treatment in upfront installments and it's even possible to access your Superannuation to pay for your dental care.

And if there isn't anything on our Finance page that looks suitable for your need - call us. We're here to help.


(08) 9300 1515