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Dental For The People

Starting from humble beginnings in 2008, Dentistry Plus’ customer base has rapidly grown through excellent service and a World class approach to dentistry.

Because of this, you can find Dentistry Plus in 7 locations (with more to come) across Perth. 

That means wherever you are in the metro area, there’s a Dentistry Plus near you!


A Plus To Going With Us

Whether you’re a patient or a dental professional, once you’ve entered any our dental clinics, you’ll soon see that there’s a Plus to going with us.

Dentistry Plus is an environment that dentists love to work in. And, as a result, we’re able to attract and keep the best.

Providing dentists with a proven formula and access to the highest quality materials, equipment along with highly-trained support staff, prosthetists and hygienists – dentists are happy, motivated and produce their best work when empowered by the Dentistry Plus engine.

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Where Quality Meets Affordability

Our aim is to look after your whole family’s oral health with experienced dentists, superior quality in our materials at a respectable price.

Where many dentists have so many costs from suppliers to pass onto their patients, Dentistry Plus gets around this by bringing many manufacturing processes in-house.

All Major Health Funds Accepted

Dentistry Plus is registered with all major health funds, so you can claim with your health insurance provider at the time of your appointment and have developed their own in house payments plan to cater for all levels of society.

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