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Four Under One®

Using four implants, our Four under One® full arch rehabilitation system provides a permanent solution with teeth that look & feel just like your own.

With an implant bridge, firmly secured on 4 implants, Four Under One® gives a beautiful and functional smile to those who would otherwise need complicated and heavily invasive procedures to accomplish the same result.

Thanks to Four Under One®, Dentistry Plus has been able to transform the lives of people who previously thought that a smile that they’d want to show everyone was beyond their reach both financially and in terms of what was possible in existing dental implant technology.

There’s a Plus to going with us

Whilst there are similar products on the market, Four Under One® is unique to Dentistry Plus.

WA-made, right here our manufacturing lab in Leederville – from the design of the bridge to the procedure itself, quality control at Dentistry Plus is tight from start to finish.

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Unlike other dental clinics in Perth offering a similar service, there are no middlemen taking a cut. Meaning that we’re able to provide this revolutionary system at 'direct from the manufacturer' prices.

And with a range of payment options available, including assistance with accessing your Superannuation early – a life changing smile is within your reach.


Four Under One® is a possible solution if:

  • You find wearing dentures too uncomfortable.
  • You have no teeth at all.
  • You currently only have a few healthy/functional teeth remaining.
  • Your remaining teeth are damaged, loose or painful (and aren’t restorable).
  • You have severe gum disease or infection (where teeth can’t be saved).

Four Under One bridge.jpg

A fixed bridge is permanently secured to four implants

Your dentist dedicated to dental implants at Dentistry Plus will examine the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate to receive Four Under One®. This assessment is crucial to deciding whether Four Under One® is the right solution for your individual circumstances.

The superior option

Whilst traditional dentures, both full and partial, are more cost-effective options the Four Under One® solution from Dentistry Plus is far superior. Not only does Four Under One® provide a more convenient, functional, and permanent alternative to dentures, but also to your long-term health.

Prevent bone resorption

When the jaw is not properly stimulated through biting and chewing, the jawbone can start to shrink as the body adapts, thinking that it no longer needs to support functioning teeth.

Jawbone deterioration does not only make it difficult to support traditional dentures but can also result in facial changes where the lips and cheeks may start to sink in.

The advanced implant technology used by Dentistry Plus can help to minimise the risk of bone resorption.

Better nutrition and health

With Four Under One®, you do not need to limit yourself to what foods you can eat based on your dentures, crowns or bridge.

With access to a wider variety of food, it is far easier to have a more nutritiously diverse and rich diet which not only helps to improve your oral health but your overall health as well.

Is this the only dental implant procedure you perform?

No. At Dentistry Plus we offer several solutions, depending on your requirements and budget. The Four-under-One (Full Arch Rehab on Four Dental Implants) is a permanent solution that provides maximum stability. However, the costs are more than other solutions we offer, such as the Dentures Connect Plus system.

How long will the whole procedure take?

The Four-under-One procedure is very quick. You will have your implants fitted and your temporary bridge attached 1-4 days later.

Will I need a bone graft?

One of the advantages of the Four-under-One is that those with compromised jawbone levels can still go ahead with the procedure. However, there is a certain baseline required. Your dentist will discuss this with you and take x-rays to confirm your eligibility for the procedure. The x-rays will evaluate your bone volume, density and quantity. Sometimes, you can avoid a bone graft, instead choosing to have longer implants anchored into the cheekbone, known as zygomatic implants.

Is there a risk of failure?

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a risk of failure. However, implant surgery has a high success rate. Also, certain contributing factors lend themselves to the success of the procedure.These factors include the experience of the surgeon (Dentistry Plus has a highly experienced implant denstist working in-house), infection control (infection control standards in Australia are exceedingly high) and careful examination of the patient’s general health, medical history and pathology prior to commencing the surgery.

Do I need to keep my dentures?

No, you will no longer need your dentures. The Four-under-One (on 4 Dental Implants) is a permanent solution. Upon completion of your procedure, you will have a set of non-removable, natural-looking replacement teeth.

Why doesn’t every dental clinic offer the Four-under-One?

The Four-under-One Full Arch Rehab is a sophisticated technique that requires a dedicated dentist with an advanced skill set, experience and expertise. At Dentistry Plus, we have a dedicated in-house dentist that is highly skilled in this technique.

Is implant surgery painful?

Implant surgery is surprisingly not very painful. Usually, it is performed in the dentist chair under local anaesthetic. If you feel a little anxious about your procedure, we can happily give you more sedation or pain medication. Speak to your dentist about the various options we have available. After the procedure, you will be given care instructions, prophylactic antibiotics and pain relief to take home with you. You may experience some swelling and soreness over the next few days.

Many people have asked whether dental implant surgery is painful, so we’ve written a blog post on the subject here.

What can I eat after my surgery?

For the next 6 to 12 weeks after your surgery, only soft food is recommended. Your dentist will discuss your diet with you and give you diet plans and suggestions to follow.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Payment plans & early Super release

Did you know you can apply to have your super released early to help cover the costs of your dental procedure? We also have easy payment plans available.

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