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Dental health is very important for kids, as by the age of 8, many of their teeth are adult teeth that they’ll hope to keep for life.

But getting kids to brush their teeth the right way can be a challenge for parents. Not only that, Flossing (not the dance) is an important

aspect of dental health that many kids don’t do at all, or don’t know how to do properly.


That’s where The Bross comes in!


The Bross is a fun, interactive brush-along video that makes teeth time fun! It teaches kids the right way to brush and floss their teeth

for the right amount of time, and in the right way.


If teeth time has been a struggle in your house, we’re here to help.


So, are you ready to do The Bross?

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Grab a brush and some floss, and let's get BROSSing!