30 June, 2014


Emergency root canal work: when is it needed?


If you’re in pain and feel that you may be suffering from a dental problem requiring root canal work, we recommend you get to a dentist ASAP.

Many people are unnecessarily fearful and confused about root canal work, so in this article we’re going to explain some basics.

Generally speaking, emergency root canal work is required for either of the following two cases:

  1. Inflamed tooth nerve: this can be the result of perhaps an accident, resulting in cracked or broken teeth. This leaves an exposed and inflamed tooth nerve which can become extremely painful, possibly also giving headaches. When this occurs, you will need to have the pain remedied as soon as possible.
  2. Tooth abscesses are due to carious lesions: this can happen if the tooth has died and become infected because of extensive caries exposing the nerve of the root. A dentist will need to get in there quickly to clean and medicate the infected site.


There are three stages of root canal, performed on three separate appointments:

The first stage: which is cleaning and putting medication on the infected area.

The second stage: which is a re-clean and a change of medication on the infected area.

The third stage: which is performed when the healing is complete. This involves the filling of the root canal and eventually requires a tooth crown. If there is no sufficient tooth structure left due to extensive caries, the tooth will then require a ‘post and core’ procedure before putting in a crown.

If you suspect that you may need root canal work, it’s always ideal to try to book in to see your dentist in regular business hours. However, sometimes life doesn’t always pan out as we would like it to, so it’s good to know that at Dentistry Plus, we now have extended opening hours in case you suffer from an abscess or chipped tooth and feel that you have a dental emergency on your hands.

Dental emergency opening hours

If you think you’re suffering from a dental emergency, call us at Dentistry Plus immediately – and come on down and see us at a clinic closest to you. We’re open from 9 AM to 5PM Monday to Friday and alternating Saturdays and Sundays in all clinics*. Additionally, we’re open on Tuesday evenings in our Leederville clinic ’til 8pm and on Thursday evenings in our Maddington clinic ’til 7pm.

*Conditions apply. Please see here for more details.

Late-night dental emergencies

Unfortunately, we do not offer 24-hour emergency dental; however, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms of tooth infections or tooth abscesses. If you find yourself suffering chronic tooth pain in the middle of the night accompanied by pain or swelling in the face; you are suffering from fever, or you are having trouble breathing, visit your local hospital emergency room immediately. Do not wait for the next day.

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