Dental Implants: when all teeth are missing

If you no longer have any of your teeth, dental implants are often the best solution, allowing you to have implant-supported dentures that look and feel just like natural teeth.

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Dental implants offer several advantages:

Bone height – when some or all of your teeth are missing, the bone in the jaw begins to deteriorate in a process known as bone resorption (or alveolar bone resorption). This is why long-term denture wearers with all or many teeth missing have a sunken, drawn appearance as the bone has slowly disintegrated. However, by placing dental implants into an edentulous (without teeth) jaw, this will help the bone to regenerate while oseointegration takes effect. This keeps the bone tissue healthy and strong.

Appearance – along with a healthier, more natural looking jawbone, implant-supported dentures will look more lifelike and stay more retentive (secure) than conventional dentures.

Function – implant-supported dentures will look and feel just like normal teeth, allowing you to bite, chew and talk as if the teeth were your own. Most importantly, this improved function will make eating possible, allowing you to enjoy a varied diet and benefit from increased nutrition.

Maintenance – with implant-supported removable dentures, you can care for your teeth more easily than with a fixed bridge, as you can remove the device and thoroughly clean it – and your abutment in your mouth.

Dental implants in Perth: What’s the procedure?

Every patient is different; however, the below outlines the basic process.


You will have an initial consultation with our dentist. Here, you can discuss your situation in detail, have the required x-rays and plan the best course of action. If you both agree that dental implants are the right solution for you, time will be booked for your procedure.


At your dental surgery appointment, your dental implants will be inserted, in-chair, at one of Dentistry Plus’s Perth dental clinics. Implants are TGA-approved small titanium screws. You will be given plenty of anaesthetic to make the procedure painless, and even have sedation if desired. The procedure usually only takes around one hour for two implants, or two to three hours for four to six implants to be inserted.

You will be given instructions to take home with you regarding oral care, and will be given temporary dentures for the interim.

It will take several months for your implants to integrate with the jaw in a process known as osseointegration. It is essential that you wait for the bone to be healed before you have your implant overdentures fitted.


Next, you will have an abutment fitted to each implant, which is the joiner between the implant and the new implant supported overdenture.


Our dental prosthetist will create your full upper and lower removable overdentures required and connect them to the implant abutments in the mouth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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