10 July, 2014

Broken or Chipped teeth: what to do!


Chipping or breaking your tooth is relatively easy to do, but it certainly doesn’t make the problem any less annoying to deal with.

Biting into something hard, drinking from a glass bottle, being hit by a ball, or a sudden fall can all cause teeth to break or chip.

If the chip to your tooth is only mild, and there is no pain the situation is certainly not a dental emergency, you can get yourself to your dentist in your own time to have it smoothed down and filled or repaired in some way.

eating.jpgEmergency dental for broken teeth

IMPORTANT: If your tooth has been broken or chipped quite badly, it’s important that you see a dentist immediately. Contact Dentistry Plus here to find the nearest clinic to you.

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Minor chips to teeth

If the chip is relatively minor, your dentist will probably simply smooth the area down and if required, replace the chipped away area with a touch of tooth coloured filling, or they would possibly recommend a Porcelain Veneer.

Broken molars (or back teeth)

Dental work can become a bit more involved if your tooth has broken halfway down and has damaged the blood vessels and/or the pulp (the nerves in the centre). When this occurs, the patient will need to undergo root canal treatment to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth. Failure to do so could warrant infection, which must be avoided at all costs. Once the root canal treatment has been completed, the dentist will then fill and seal the tooth appropriately and would be most likely to highly recommend a crown.

Once again, minor chips to the teeth can often not be a serious problem, but more so at annoying nuisance that is best fixed for both aesthetic reasons and to prevent long-term problems with your tooth. More serious chips or breaks the teeth must be seen by a dentist immediately though, so if you have any concerns as to the seriousness of your chipped tooth, contact us here at Dentistry Plus immediately and discuss your concern with one of our friendly receptionists. They can often liaise with the dentist and give you the very best advice required for you at the time.

After hours dental

At Dentistry Plus we understand that mishaps can occur with our teeth at any time of the night or day – that’s why we offer extended opening hours to help you.

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