Working (& playing), eating (& drinking) in Joondalup

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Joondalup

We caught up with practice manager Elley Evans to find out what the Joondalup dental team’s fave eats and hangouts are round the town…

Operating for over eight years, our super-popular Dentistry Plus clinic in Joondalup is also our first dental clinic. We’ve had lots of wonderful staff join us in this time, but one of the most long-term players has been our practice manager Elley Evans. Elley started with us some five years ago as a receptionist, working her way up through the ranks to her current position as Practice Manager for all four dental clinics. Given her familiarity with Joondalup, she was the obvious choice to ask when we wanted the low-down!

Q: Elley, what do you like about working in Joondalup? Elley: I love having everything so nearby – shops, cafes, restaurants and the proximity to the beach – the Northern suburbs have it all – it’s like its own city outside of Perth.

Q: So give us the lowdown – where’s your favourite place in Joondalup for: LUNCH Elley: A lot of our staff enjoy grabbing lunch at Moments Café – it’s a family-run business – super-friendly and they have lots of great lunch options. The Healthy Plate is also one of my favourites…their raw Pad Thai is amazing, and they do some great juices too.

COFFEE Elley: Paper Avenue opened recently, and they do a great coffee! It’s conveniently located between Joondalup train station and the dental clinic, so it’s hard to resist on the way to work.

Q: And how about after hours – do you have a favourite hang-out spot? Elley: I like to hit the gym some days after work, and fortunately, there’s an F45 (workout studio) close to home! Also, I’d hardly call it a ‘hangout spot’(!), but the Joondalup Public Library is excellent! It’s just a stone’s throw away from Central Park which is so green and serene – a great place to sit and have lunch.

I love heading down to North Beach – there’s been a lot of great brekky spots (such as Tropico) popping up there which combined with a walk along the beach, makes a pretty perfect morning!

Finding Dentistry Plus

If you’ve never visited us before, drop by and say ‘hi’! Here’s where we are (below indicates walking distance from nearby locations):

  • 4-minutes from Joondalup public library,
  • 15-minutes from Edith Coward University
  • 14-minutes from the Joondalup train line
  • 6-minutes from the central shopping district where you’ll find Grand Cinemas, Big W, Kmart, Coles, Aldi, JB Hi-Fi and the Commonwealth Bank


Invisalign: 10 to 20% off

Invisalign allows you to get straighter teeth without the inconvenience of braces. Instead, you are given a series of clear, removable aligners that have been created specifically for your teeth. As the aligners change, your teeth will slowly change position. Depending on your requirements Dentistry Plus Joondalup is offering 10 to 20% off the total treatment cost.

Saturday & Sunday dental appointments

Q: Dentistry Plus is open every weekend on alternate Saturdays and Sundays (from March 3, 2018) at all branches. Joondalup has been open Sundays for a while. Has there been much interest in Sunday appointments?

Elley: Sundays are a very popular day in Joondalup – we get a real mix of patients on a Sunday…lots of families who find it easier to come to see us on the weekend rather than during the busy school week. Then, there’s quite a few out-of-towners that come in enquiring about dental implants. We also reserve a few appointments for dental emergencies which are so needed when most other dental clinics in the area at this time are closed.

Dentistry Plus Joondalup is located at 2/185 Reid Promenade, in between Davidson Terrace and Lakeside Drive.

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