The Benefits of Dental Implants

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Dental Implants

Dental implants are revolutionising the world of dentistry. Here’s why…

Dental implants have become extremely popular not just in Perth, but throughout Australia – and overseas – for good reason. They offer a permanent and sturdy solution for those with missing teeth, allowing them to bite and chew properly once again. And, there are many other excellent benefits.

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Key benefits of dental implants

1. Maintain bone density

Many people are not aware of the damage and bone disintegration that occurs to your jaw when you have missing teeth. When you have a healthy tooth sitting in your mouth, the root is firmly planted into the jaw, helping to maintain strong bone density. Now, when that tooth or teeth go missing, there is no longer anything in the jaw to keep the jawbone strong. So, the jawbone starts to disintegrate or shrink away in a process known as bone resorption.

By inserting a titanium dental implant, the bone in the jaw starts to mesh around the implant in a process known as osseointegration. This keeps the bone tissue nice and dense and strong and stops it from falling away, giving that sunken look that you may have seen in people that have been without the natural teeth for many years.

2. A permanent solution

As our dentist says, implants, like death and taxes, are permanent! Providing you maintain good oral hygiene, and you chose to have your procedure performed by a reputable surgeon in Australia (rather than taking a gamble with implants in, say, Bali) your dental implant should last a lifetime.

3. A natural, lifelike solution

If you’re missing just one tooth and require a single dental implant, abutment and crown, the results will be so natural, no one will know that your tooth is artificial. And of course, you’re no longer have any gaps in your mouth which may have made you feel a little self-conscious. You can now smile, talk and laugh with ease!

Here, you can see the crown, implant, and on the right, the abutment that connects the two.

4. No interference with surrounding teeth

In the past, if someone was missing a tooth, your dentist may have had to grind down the neighbouring teeth to fashion a dental bridge for you to wear. This can compromise the look and health of the teeth in concern. However, with a dental implant, there is no need to touch the neighbouring teeth.

5. Easy maintenance

Maintenance is easy with dental implants. Of course, implants are used in several different ways, and have different attachments, but they are all relatively easy to look after. For example, if you have one implant-supported crown, you would care for it in the way you would your normal teeth. With implant-supported dentures, such as with our Denture Connect Plus system, you would gently brush around the implants as you would a normal tooth.

6. Stability

Particularly for those that have changed from traditional dentures to denture connect dentures that attached to implants, the difference in stability is staggering. With traditional dentures, individuals have a bite efficiency of around only 10%. However, with implant-supported dentures, your bite efficiency increases by over 65 to 75%. The difference is profound, allowing individuals the ability to bite and chew properly again, enabling them to dramatically improve their nutrition.

This is how dental implants sit in the upper jaw. However, not everyone needs so many implants. Also, note that not every tooth requires its own implant.

7. No more irritated gums or mouth sores

For many conventional denture wearers, they often silently suffer the pain of sore, irritated gums or mouth sores or ulcers.This irritation is caused by the dentures move around and not fitting well in the denture wearer’s mouth. With implants, because the stability of the denture is far more stable, these problems disappear.

8. No more denture relines

For those wearing conventional dentures, regular appointments for denture relines are necessary. This is not because the denture changes, but because the gums sitting under the denture become worn away by the denture. Also, because there is no tooth root embedded on the jaw, the bone continues to resorb (waste away) causing the jawbone and gum to change shape. Therefore, the patient must regularly return for denture relines. Unfortunately, over time, the necessary reline procedure becomes more difficult, and the fit becomes worse, making long-term use of conventional dentures and unattractive option.

Benefits of staying in Australia for implant surgery

Unlike overseas surgery, you will be covered by insurance – and surgeons have to be accountable to Australia’s rigourous medical standards. And, if things go wrong, we’ll be right here to help you – not a plane trip away.

Common problems with implants placed in third-world clinics include:

  • Poor materials used for implants
  • Teeth and jaw infections
  • Failed implants

We advise you to stay in Australia – and avoid any unnecessary risk.

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