Same-day crowns: essential info

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Crowns

Digital technology has allowed huge gains to the dental industry – for both practitioners & patients.

Dental crowns are a lifesaver for many and can be used in many different ways. Perhaps you have a damaged tooth packed with unsightly fillings. Or maybe there’s a worrisome crack in your tooth that has become painful, or you’ve ground down a couple of your teeth in your sleep.

Crowns can prolong the life of your tooth by fitting over the tooth like a cap, protecting it and keeping it strong. And now, thanks to 3-D technology, a new, perfectly fitted crown can be yours in one day.

The same-day crown procedure

Same-day crowns have been made possible through recent digital technology involving CAD/CAM, which stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing.

This is how the procedure goes:

  1. We place a small, unobtrusive scanner in your mouth to take a quick digital impression (which you can see on a computer screen next to you)
  2. Using computer aided design technology, your dentist designs your crown to precisely fit your tooth.
  3. Our milling machine then rapidly creates your tooth from a ceramic block. Once created, your dentist will fix your crown onto your tooth.

In previous times, we would have to use messy, unpleasant impression material to get an accurate impression of your tooth. Then, you would be fitted with an uncomfortable temporary crown for a couple of weeks while we all waited for your new crown to be created, then sent to the clinic. You would then require a second appointment to have your crown fitted.


  • Fast – it all happens in just one day
  • Far more comfortable
  • Highly accurate
  • Gives a highly durable, stain-resistant crown
  • Biocompatible
  • Looks and feels just like a normal tooth

Same-day crowns are available at all our dental clinics: Leederville, Joondalup, Maddington and Leeming.

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