Professional-strength take-home teeth whitening kits just $199

(Normally $350. Leederville clinic only. Exclusive to BGC staff.)

Please bring proof of BGC employment with you on your first dental appointment

Get a brighter, whiter smile at home with a professional-strength formula dentists recommend…

There are many tooth whitening options on the market, but not all are created equal. Rather than choosing over-the-counter formulas from chemists or shopping centres, we thoroughly recommend you choose professional dentists’ whitening options only (either in-chair or at home).

Both in-chair and at-home options are excellent, but with our new, super-low cost of at-home (professional grade) teeth-whitening at just $199, we recommend you grab a kit now!

How it works:

  1. Come in for an appointment so we can examine your teeth and make sure they are suitable for the procedure.
  2. We’ll take a quick impression of your teeth, so we can make some custom-fitted trays for your home bleaching.
  3. You’ll then be given a teeth bleaching kit. At night, squeeze a small quantity of bleach inside the tray and place over your teeth for 1-4 hrs before you go to sleep, after you have eaten your evening meal.

Professional at home teeth-whitening is safe

Our teeth whitening kits are very safe – and the concentration used is in compliance with the industry standard TGA. As the dentist will first assess your teeth and general oral fitness, he or she will be able to prescribe the most suitable strength of bleach for your teeth. Also, the process is self regulating, so if you experience any sensitivity or pain, you can simply stop using it.

Can my teeth the whitened?

Most people can benefit from tooth bleaching or whitening; however, there are a few exceptions:

Terms & conditions

  • You must provide proof of BGC employment to redeem this offer
  • Teeth-whitening kits can only be purchased after the patient has undergone a scale and clean by a Dentistry Plus dentist and is subject to the oral fitness of the patient.
  • Offer available until November 30th, 2018.
  • If you pre-purchase this offer, then decide, for any reason, that the procedure is no longer appropriate or desirable, you may cancel the offer for a full refund.

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