5 May, 2014

1920x450_WEB-HERO-BNR-02_childbenefitschedule (1).jpgGreat news for families!

HBF have announced that parents can be confident they won’t have to pay a thing for general dental treatments for their kids at HBF members plus providers like Dentistry Plus.

This change action came into effect from September 2013, but many of you are still unaware of the change. HBF are proud to say that this change has been the biggest hit with families, giving nothing but positive feedback!

In the past, you and your children were allowed one free Scale & Clean every six months, and this is still available. However, in addition to this, your kids can now receive dental treatments such as fillings or extractions without mum and dad having to pay a cent. Great news indeed!

For more information about HBF’s new no gap benefit for kids, contact us at Dentistry Plus today on (08) 6147 5067.