20 September, 2014

Meet our Leeming dental clinic receptionist

A favourite with everyone, Kitty is always too happy to help. With a lovely smile and calm demeanour, she’s the sort of person that gets rid of any problems before they arise – and wins us over with her little surprises… like producing cupcakes in the middle of a tricky meeting! It’s no wonder we like having Kitty around…


Hello my name is… Kitty (Kirti)

At Dentistry Plus I’m… a receptionist at the Leeming dental clinic

What that means is… I am the first point of contact between the patients and the dentist, I take phone calls and make appointments for the patients.

I also work closely alongside… Everyone!

I was born in… Kathmandu, Nepal

I first developed an interest in dentistry… in 2009 when I started working as a Dental Receptionist.

The reason why I love working at Dentistry Plus is… everyone is very helpful and happy here.

Over the next year, I look forward to… doing some volunteer work.

To me, the best thing about working in the dental industry is… learning different aspect of dentistry from fillings to dentures

On a Sunday morning, you can find me… reading a book

My number one vice is… SHOPPING !