Living the Leedy Life

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Leederville

Dentistry Plus has expanded to Leederville. (& we’re loving it!)

Just over a week ago, we launched our fourth dual branch housing both Dentistry Plus and Dentures Plus –  at 2/628-630 Newcastle Street, Leederville (opposite the Water Corporation). Featuring a brand-new fit out, including several treatment rooms, comfy chairs and cutting-edge equipment – and a spectacular in-house prosthetics clinic, the entire space is a whopping 200m2.

It took a bit of work to get here, but here we are in full swing, and loving the location. To fill you in on the lowdown, we chatted with Amy, our Leederville local and Dentistry Plus receptionist.

DP: Amy, how long have you been living in Leederville?
A: I’ve been living in Leederville for almost three years now. I’m just a 10-minute walk from the clinic and love my new commute to work!

DP: What do you like about the Leederville lifestyle?
A: I love having all of the amenities I would want from living in the Perth city, but with a much more relaxed, community feel.

DP: Given your background, I guess you were pretty happy that a job came up here…
A: For sure! The job caught my attention for a number of reasons… Of course, being walking distance from home is a big plus, but I needed a lot of other boxes ticked before I was willing to leave a job I was happy in. For me, the people I work with hugely influence my job satisfaction.

As soon as I met Lucas and Elley, I knew they were going to be a great team to work with. Also, I felt the location of the clinic would do extremely well – close to town but with plenty of street parking available. Also, having a tour of the new clinic got me excited; there’s so much space, and I love the interior design!

DP: Given that Leederville people are so on-the-go, the team at DPlus decided to open every alternate Saturday & Sunday. Has there been much interest in Sunday dental appointments?
A: I think opening on a Sunday is a great idea. We are all so busy these days that sometimes going to the dentist during the working week just isn’t an option and many dental clinics are very limited on weekends. People often have commitments on a Saturday, so providing that additional Sunday option is turning out to be popular. It also means that we are here for any dental emergencies that crop up over the weekend.

DP: We’ve been keen to spread the word about a new branch, so we’ve launched some pretty amazing specials. Actually, I think I might list them here again! Here goes…

Amy, out of the above specials, which has garnered the most interest?

A: The exam, clean and x-rays for $69 has proved to be popular! Everyone needs a check-up and clean, so you may as well get in on the offer! However, the same-day dental crown promotion is gaining momentum – I think people often delay having crowns done due to its cost. However, our offer has made having a same-day crown a more realistic option for those that need one. Especially as it’s around $700 less than the going price around town.

DP: So give us the lowdown: where’s your favourite place in Leederville for…


A: The Three Sisters, in Oxford Street, do the most delicious rice paper rolls, or the Market Juicery  (also on Oxford) is a nearby option, great for grabbing a healthy lunch on the go on during a quick lunch break.


A: Babylon, in Newcastle Street, is turning into my go-to…The coffee is great, it’s super close to the clinic, and the staff are lovely.


A: I can’t resist a little browse in Oxford Street Bookswhenever I’m passing; Remedy, on Oxford Street, is a great place for gift shopping, and it has to be The Re Store for all of my cheese and wine needs!


A: The Garden, in Newcastle Street, is an old faithful when a sunny afternoon is calling out for a Prosecco, and I never complain if we follow up with tapas at Pinchos (cnr. Oxford/Newcastle St)!

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