Caring & gentle kids’ dental services

Looking after your kid’s teeth is essential. That’s why we encourage all parents to make regular dental appointments for their children and to make sure they educate them well on oral health. Plus, we understand that families have a lot to budget for, so we make appointments as affordable as possible.

We want to make very sure your child enjoys visiting the dentist, so they’ll be happy to keep routine appointments for years to come. That’s why we keep things relaxed and enjoyable by offering fun games, TV and in-house entertainment. And, with our friendly staff looking after them, your kids will feel right at home!

By introducing your children to the dentist early, good habits are encouraged. We’ll teach them how to brush and floss properly, and educate them about their teeth and the importance of a healthy diet.

To ensure your children’s teeth have the best protection, we offer services such as fluoride treatments, cleaning, white fillings and even sports mouthguards for kids’ teeth.

We recommend your children come to see us before they are two years old. After that, it will usually be enough for them to see us once a year. However, if, after inspecting your child’s teeth, your dentist thinks she may be at higher risk of developing tooth decay, they may recommend you have more frequent visits or prescribe other preventative oral health measures.

Here’s how you can help make sure your child’s first experience with the dentist is a positive one:

  • Explain the event as a fun, positive one
  • Avoid using any negative words or phrases, such as “scary”, “be brave” or “nasty”
  • Be excited about the new relationship your child is developing with the dentists and dental hygienist
  • Make sure you are not rushed or anxious on the day

Is your child eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides basic dental health services to eligible children between the ages of 2 to 17. It is available to children with parents that receive the Family Tax Benefit Part A for at least part of the year.

Want more information about the CDBS?

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