29 August, 2019

The pros & cons of overseas dental health


Sun-soaked beaches in a foreign land, immersing yourself in new cultures, and all while getting affordable dental work. Dental tourism seems too good to be true.

With procedures such as implants, dentures, crowns, bridges and root canals, overseas dentists are able to offer a similar type of service as your local dental expert.

Meanwhile, dentistry procedures here in Australia, while more accessible, can come with a staggering price tag. But how does dental tourism stack up against your local dentist?

It’s important to consider the pros and cons when exploring your dental care options.

Cheap price


Australian dentists are hard-pressed to compete against the significantly lower operating costs of overseas dentists. If we’re comparing only on the price tag of your procedures and not factoring in the hidden costs, dental tourism is the clear winner over dentistry here in Australia.

New tan


Dinner with family, a quiet night in, or one out exploring, it’s not hard to find things more fun than visiting the dentist. Going overseas for your dentistry adds a layer of fun and excitement to the process. You might even get yourself a tan.

Outcome guarantee


All medical procedures, including dental, come with risk. If your operation doesn’t go accordingly, or if something happens post-procedure, treatment follow-up is more accessible here in Australia. It could be that the outcome wasn’t what you hoped – your teeth don’t look quite right, your bite doesn’t feel the same, or worse, pain and breaks. No matter your situation, having ready access to your dentist to guarantee a good outcome is something, only your local dentist can offer.

Complication support


If you do encounter issues with your recent dental work after returning to Australia, you’ll likely have to visit your local dentist and pay additional fees. Correcting complications from another dentist isn’t uncommon. Unfortunately, your local dentist will charge you to fix any issues caused by other dentists, but that dentist would cover all complications arising from their services.



When done correctly, dental procedures are a time-consuming process. While some treatments are quick, like a filling, others like implants or a root canal, require several appointments over time. This time is often for the body to heal or adjust to safely proceed with the next phase of treatment. Because of this, the week of leave needed for a dental *holiday* often isn’t enough, and using more for a dental holiday robs people of the opportunity for other, more holiday-like, holidays.

High standard guarantee


It’s no secret that Australia is home to strict medical regulations. While these interfere with Australian dentists ability to practice, they do so for a good reason – your safety. Australian dentists are highly skilled and accredited to the highest standards in dentistry to provide their patients with the best possible outcome. Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration plays a vital role in regulating the materials and medicines that can be used for your dental care, ensuring only the best materials, ensuring your dentistry lasts. Not all countries enforce the same high standards we’re fortunate to trust with our Australian dentists.

No leave requirements


Dental tourism requires time off work. Although tourism is in the name, it doesn’t stack up against a holiday free from medical procedures. With the ease of accessibility to local dentists, you won’t have to eat into any valuable leave you had aside for that holiday to Italy you’ve promised yourself.

No hidden fees


Dental treatment attracts a cheaper price tag overseas than it does locally, but after factoring in accommodation, flights, food and spending money, then time off work, the price tag may not be all that different. It’s also not uncommon for treatment prices to change upon arrival at your destination, and these can quickly inflate the original price. At your local dentist, if you’re not happy with a price, you can leave and book in with a competing dentist, all for no extra cost.

Minimal infection risk


The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control have developed strict guidelines governing Australia’s health industries. Unfortunately, infection control standards in other countries may not have the same level of governance or any at all. New reports have found ‘Superbugs’, that is bugs that are highly resistant to available antibiotics, are finding their way to Australia through patients receiving medical procedures overseas. Risk of infection is reduced significantly for any medical procedures conducted here in Australia due to our strict governance.

At first glance, it appears dental tourism is the clear winner on upfront costs for your dental procedure. Factoring in other, potentially hidden fees, choosing your local dentist is a safer, relatively risk-free option to achieve your dentistry needs.
At Dentistry Plus, we’re proud to maintain highly qualified dentists, adhering to strict procedural guidelines, using the safest and most durable materials. Because of our high standards, we undertake voluntary accreditation involving rigorous assessment of our quality safety and health practices.

Our priority is affordable dentistry, that doesn’t compromise on safety, quality and durability. To make your dentistry more affordable, we not only offer the most competitive prices, but various payment plans to suit individual needs.

Book in for a consultation today with Dentistry Plus – the experts in high-quality, affordable dentistry.

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