Dental Implants Perth

When looking to replace natural teeth that have either been lost, damaged or extracted – the most effective, functional and long-term solution are dental implants.

Whether you’re just missing a single tooth or you’re missing most of your teeth, the transformation dentists at Dentistry Plus have a range of cost-effective solutions that change lives, one smile at a time.

Dentistry Plus are in a unique position in the Western Australia market where, at our dental lab in Leederville, construct dental implant crowns bridges and other restorations locally.

Because there is no middleman taking their cut of the sale, we’re able to offer competitive prices on high-quality dental implants including our revolutionary Four Under One®, a permanent alternative to dentures and an efficient way to replace either your entire upper, lower or both rows of teeth.

Make sure that you have a consultation and get a quote from Dentistry Plus before you proceed with your dental implants. We’re confident you’ll see that there really is a Plus to going with us.

Dental Payment Plans

Payment plans available through Pretty Penny Finance: tailored dental payment plans to suit you. Pay off your treatment cost at low-interest rates without resorting to high-interest credit cards.

There’s a Plus to going with us

We hear many customers trying to get the lowest price possible for their dental implants in Perth or even resorting to cheap dental tourism deals in Bali, for example.

We understand that price is important. Which is why it is better to get things done right from the start rather than dealing with the pain (both in your health and financially) after receiving cheap dental implants from operators who are not extensively trained and held to the same standards and regulations that Australian dentists are held to.

Being the only clinic in Western Australia with an infection control coordinator, the extensive level of infection control in Dentistry Plus’s dental surgeries is dramatically higher than most clinics – especially those you would typically find overseas.

To make accessing quality dental implants even easier, Dentistry Plus offer a range of easy payment plans including assistance with early access to your Superannuation.

The superior option

Whilst there are more cost-effective options to replace teeth than dental implants, such as crowns or dentures – the performance, long term cost benefits and oral health advantages of high-quality implants simply cannot be matched by these lower cost alternatives.

Therefore, at Dentistry Plus, we will always do our best to make as strong of a case as possible for dental implants when you are looking to replace lost or damaged teeth.

Prevent bone resorption

When the jaw is not properly stimulated through biting and chewing, the jawbone can start to shrink as the body adapts, thinking that it no longer needs to support functioning teeth.

Jawbone deterioration does not only make it difficult to support traditional dentures but can also result in facial changes where the lips and cheeks may start to sink in.

The advanced implant technology used by Dentistry Plus can help to minimise the risk of bone resorption.

Better nutrition and health

With sturdy and secure dental implants, you do not need to limit yourself to what foods you can eat based on your dentures, crowns or bridge.

With access to a wider variety of food, it is far easier to have a more nutritiously diverse and rich diet which not only helps to improve your oral health but your overall health as well.

Advertising prices can be misleading as everyone has different requirements. However, approximately speaking, the following prices give a guideline:

Perth dental implants: safe & long-lasting

Many Perth dentists today look favourably upon dental implants as they provide most patients with a long-term solution, with a success rate of over 90%. More than half a million people receive teeth implants annually. Fortunately, Dentistry Plus provide this option for dental implants that Perth people love, as the results can be life changing (providing a professional dentist deems the procedure appropriate).

Missing a Single Tooth?

If you’ve lost a single tooth, just one dental implant, one abutment & one crown is all you need to replace your tooth.

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Missing Several Teeth?

If you have several teeth missing, an implant-supported fixed bridge or implant-supported partial denture can replace them.

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Missing all your Teeth?

If you no longer have any of your natural teeth, dental implants and implant-supported removable dentures can replace them.

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All your denture & dentistry needs under one roof!

If you have missing teeth and would like to enjoy the benefits of dental implants, the process can usually be performed conveniently at the one Dentistry Plus dental surgery location. Our dentist will insert the implant, which is a quick and relatively painless procedure performed in the chair.

Once the teeth implants are in place, our expert dental team can then fit you with the best possible implant-supported denture or crown for you.

At our Dentistry Plus clinics in Joondalup, Leeming, Maddington, Leederville & Kwinana, we have an in-house dental laboratory run by dental prosthetic experts, directly controlling the quality of dentures and minimising time delays.

A word of warning about “dental tourism” in Asia…

Trust an Australian Dentist for your dental implant procedure

We recommend you have your tooth implant procedure performed here in Australia, where our dental hygiene standards are high and emergency after-care is readily available. Dentistry Plus offer extremely competitive prices for our implants. Cheaper prices are available overseas (e.g. Bali, Thailand) and are understandably attractive. However, it pays to think of any potential problems that may arise and how you would deal with it, both from a health perspective – and financially.

If you received an implant while in Thailand and then return to Australia to discover you had developed an infection, what would happen? Would your dentist in Thailand pay for you to return overseas, stay in a hotel and pay for any ongoing dental expenses? This would be unlikely.

What if your procedure was not successful and had to be removed? Again, would your overseas dentist be prepared to fly you back overseas and pay for all expenses? Overseas procedures can be significantly cheaper – if nothing goes wrong. Problems such as infections or poor integration can occur and these issues must not be taken lightly. We don’t suggest you gamble with your health.

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Terms and conditions:

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

T&C Regarding ‘We’ll beat other WA implant quotes’:

  • Lowest price offer is for implants and placement only
  • Quotes only provided to patients whereby the dentist deems the procedure suitable.
  • Does not apply for any Groupon or Scoopon-type specials
  • Offer only valid for registered West Australian dental clinics – not overseas or interstate clinics
  • Dentistry Plus has the right to refuse any quotes that are not genuine

T&C Regarding ‘$3500 Dental Implants’:

  • Covers implants and placement only
  • $3500 price available at all clinics
  • Valid through to the end of December 2018

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