9 October, 2017


Aussie dental health insurance members may be missing out on hundreds by not maximising their entitlements


To get more money back from your dental treatments, experts recommend you choose a dental clinic in an insurance fund network.

For the benefit of the many Australians forking out good money every year for their health insurance and claiming for dental (or other ancillary) treatments, experts are now encouraging health insurance members to make sure that they know it is possible to access treatments while spending very little.

According to financial services firm Canstar’s group manager of research and ratings, Michael Watson, individuals can save hundreds of dollars by choosing the right provider.

Says Watson: “Using these services (from an insurance fund network) comes with the benefits of standard costs and often the insurers will provide higher rebates on your claims.”

For example, if you have dental cover with Medibank Private, by choosing a Medibank Private Members’ Choice provider such as Dentistry Plus, you’ll get more money back and occasionally, not have to pay a thing.

Likewise, HBF members with dental cover can seek out HBF dental Member Plus providers.

All Dentistry Plus branches are Medibank Private Members’ Choice & HBF dental Member Plus providers, giving you more money back.

Not all Perth dental practices are a part of these networks, though. Only a select group of practices are included, so it pays to check first.

Under this arrangement, health insurance companies work with the providers to form an agreement whereby patients gain access to more affordable services. We all agree to keep our services reasonable, with only modest potential increases each year.

Choose Dentistry Plus and you’ll save

Essentially, if you choose a dental practice such as Dentistry Plus, you’ll pay less in out-of-pockets costs than you would if you used a provider not in such a network. Our prices charged are capped, so you can find out how much you will have to pay upfront.

So before commencing any dental treatment, always check with the dental clinic to see if they are either a Medibank Private Members’ Choice or HBF dental Member Plus provider, like Dentistry Plus.