1 May, 2019

Can You Get A Full Mouth Of Dental Implants?


Losing your teeth is a major upset to anyone, made all the worse by the old jokes we’ve all heard about false teeth.

There are many reasons why you may need to have all your teeth extracted, from periodontal disease to diabetes, AIDs, and some cancers. Dealing with a serious condition is hard enough without worrying about the social impact of losing your smile too

Thankfully, the stereotype of the gummy toothless person living off porridge and keeping a set of plastic false teeth in a glass of water at night are far from today’s reality.

Just Like The Real Thing

With the right dental practitioner, you can have your teeth replaced with realistic dental implants that function so well that no one will think they are anything but the real thing. You can get individual implants or if you have multiple teeth missing, or all of them, you may like to consider an implant-supported bridge which uses implants as its support system.

This is a type of prosthesis, and the dentist will insert four or more implants to act as anchors to the denture.

While a traditional denture will rest on your gums, and is easily removed, there are two types of dental implant bridges, permanent and removable. Both involve inserting implants into the jaw to support the new teeth. Both are secure and will enable your mouth to function as realistically and naturally as the real thing.

The difference is that removable implant-supported dentures can be taken out and thoroughly cleaned. The removable one will snap in and out on an anchor while permanent implants are part of you 24/7.

Brush For Success

Not only will your face regain its familiar contours, you’ll feel at ease to smile and chew again.

As with all implants, your oral hygiene will need to be thorough and regular to keep the implants in tip top condition. You will be shown what methods will work best to keep your implants healthy, and regular brushing and flossing will soon become second nature.

Two Steps To Your Smile

If you have been without your own teeth for a long time, your jawbone may have shrunk too much to have implants right away. In these situations, it is now common to have a bone graft or sinus lift to prepare your jaw for implants.

In an initial operation, your jaw is built up with a small piece of bone either from yourself or a donor, and after about six months it should be integrated with your jaw and have its own blood supply. At that point the implants can be inserted in a second procedure.

If you look after them, your new implants will work as well as any natural teeth.

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