10 November, 2014

Australian made Opalite™ Translucent Zirconia Crowns

1920x450_zirconiablog_hero.jpgBrilliant new products, along with technological advancements not only make dental products better, but budget friendly too!

Zirconia crowns have been extremely popular in the world of dentistry for some time now. In fact, according to some dental manufacturers they have been “the fastest growing crowns in the history of dentistry.”

In recent times though, a new substance trademarked as Opalite™ has taken the lead as the product of choice for dental crowns. The Opalite™ translucent zirconia crown has two standout features: its strength, and it’s excellent aesthetic qualities. In the past, despite zirconia being popular, there were limitations as it wasn’t aesthetically convincing enough for some. Additionally, as a porcelain overlay was added (with zirconia simply being the framework) there were issues with porcelain breakages and chipping.

Opalite™ is built from one solid, unbreakable block of monolithic, medical-grade zirconia. It is digitally designed using CAD technology for impeccable accuracy, then polished and glazed to a smooth, plaque resistant and almost translucent finish that adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Best of all, Opalite™ crowns are affordable, making them a highly popular product!


  • extremely lifelike, almost translucent in places
  • highly durable
  • almost unbreakable
  • metal free
  • economical
  • great range of shades available
  • 10-year guarantee

With so many positive features, it is easy to see why Opalite™ translucent crowns are great news in the world of dentistry. If you think you may be requiring a new dental crown, talk to your dentist at Dentistry Plus.