Want affordable dental implants? Don’t fly to Bali.

Dentistry Plus offers affordable dental implants here in Perth.

We understand your concerns about dental implants. Although it has revolutionised the dentistry industry, the price can be expensive. So it’s understandable that many have looked offshore. But there’s no need to travel when it’s now much cheaper in Perth. And – when it’s done in Australia, you can claim health insurance – saving even more.

2018 UPDATE: Implants from $1499 each.

Available at all clinics! (Leederville, Leeming, Maddington & Joondalup)

Dentistry Plus offers affordable dental implants here in Perth.

Why not go offshore? Yes, you could go offshore and pay a few hundred dollars less, but what if something goes wrong? Instead, stay in Australia, pay a reasonable price, and forget about overseas flights, passports, tummy bugs or the uncertainty of something going terribly wrong.

Health care rebates available

Get your dental procedures performed in our Dentistry Plus clinics in Australia and you can reap substantial benefits with your health insurance. We’re covered with all insurance companies. Just call your private health insurance company, give them the item numbers below, and they can tell you exactly how much you’ll be reimbursed.

Dental Payment Plans

Payment plans available through Pretty Penny Finance: tailored dental payment plans to suit you. Pay off your treatment cost at low-interest rates without resorting to high-interest credit cards.

A qualified surgeon you can trust

Our highly qualified dental surgeon has placed thousands of implants safely and successfully and is a member of the Australian Dental Association. And, should anything go wrong, he’s right here at your doorstep – no international travel required!

  • Affordable in-chair dental implant procedures
  • Have the entire procedure done under one roof
  • Fast, safe, efficient procedure
  • Australian approved, high-quality implants
  • No need to visit a third world country and put your health on the line
  • Ongoing care and support at your doorstep

Missing a Single Tooth?

If you’ve lost a single tooth, just one dental implant, one abutment & one crown is all you need to replace your tooth.

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Missing Several Teeth?

If you have several teeth missing, an implant-supported fixed bridge or implant-supported partial denture can replace them.

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Missing all your Teeth?

If you no longer have any of your natural teeth, dental implants and implant-supported removable dentures can replace them.

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Why are you more affordable than others?

We know that some dental practices charge a fortune for dental implants. But the truth is, all implant designs are fairly similar, so there should be no reason why you are charged thousands more.

At our clinics, we only offer Australian approved high-quality implants, so there’s no need to think that “affordable” means poor quality. Plus, you can relax knowing that your surgeon has performed thousands of similar procedures and will give you excellent treatment with thorough after-care.

At Dentistry Plus, we know how essential teeth are for everyone, which is why we are doing our best to make them available to more people.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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