14 October, 2013

7 Reasons Kitty would be in Heaven at Dentistry Plus


Of course, cats aren’t allowed at Dentistry Plus! But we’d like to think that if your Kitty would be allowed into any of our Perth dentistry clinics, he’d have a ball! Here’s why:

Cats love to relax

All cats love to lie down and get cosy. In fact, they have talent for seeking out comfy places where they feel warm, safe & secure. That’s why if cats were allowed to visit Dentistry Plus, they’d feel right at home. With our pain-free, gentle dental services, all you need to do is take the weight off your feet, lie back and relax!


They have bad breath

Not many cats have a minty fresh breath, so a “Scale & Clean” at Dentistry Plus could be just what the doctor ordered! Bad breath can be a sign that there is a build-up of plaque, decay or gum disease. A visit to the dentist could remedy this problem, freeing you from this common but highly solvable problem.

They enjoy VIP treatment

Don’t cats just lap up attention? At Dentistry Plus, we treat all our patients like VIPs. Your dental health and wellness is our number one priority, so we’ll always be giving you the utmost in care and attention, leaving you, uh, purring with contentment.

There are lots of toys to play with

All our clinics have lots of toys and games for children, so a trip to the dentist is a fun thing to do. So, if Kitty was to come – he’d have a ball! Speaking of which, we don’t actually have a ball of wool, but, if cats did frequent Dentistry Plus, this is the sort of thing we’d provide.

Cats don’t carry around a suitcase full of cash

Cats have got better things to do than carry around wads of money. What a waste of time! In fact, with certain dental treatments, it’s crazy to spend any money at all when you don’t have to. As prefered providers with HBF and members providers for Medibank, you’re allowed one free Scale & Clean per year. So Kitty wouldn’t have to pay a thing! (We’d just have to ask him to bring his health fund card along with him, so our friendly receptionists could swipe that slippery little card for him. Doing it himself just might not be paws-ible…)

Dentistry Plus is a family dentist

Cats love to feel part of the family, so if cats were allowed, they’d thoroughly enjoy coming to Dentistry Plus; knowing that, at our clinics, we provide dental services suitable for each and every one of the family. We like to look after all of you, from toddlers to teens, Mums and Dads and seniors, too.

And finally, there are no dogs!

As much as we love dogs, we can assure you that you won’t find any here! We pride ourselves in keeping both our dental clinics – in Joondalup & Maddington, absolutely hygienic and sparkling clean. Technically speaking, *cough* cats actually wouldn’t be allowed either – but just don’t tell your Kitty!

Disclaimer – just in case!

We don’t actually offer Feline Dentistry at Dentistry Plus. In fact, there is simply no puss-ibility that they’d be allowed. Heavens no! That would be a cat-astrophe. Get it? Okay, enough with the corny jokes – but for the record, we were just having a bit of fun!