Hello my name is… Lucas Lang

By November 14, 2013Hello, my name is...

Dr Lucas Lang – Dental Prosthetist

Family man, entrepreneur and highly qualified dental prosthetist Dr Lucas Lang is the driving force behind Dentistry Plus and Dentures Plus.

Having worked in the industry since 1998, Lucas holds a prestigious Master of Dental Technology in Prosthetics.

Over the last six years, he’s been a very busy man – opening up five dental clinics in the Perth metro area, witnessing the birth of his second child with wife Michelle; nurturing his co-owned sports mouthguard business, Mouthguardian – and forging ahead to open yet another clinic in 2014. We recently held him still for three minutes to squeeze the following information out of him…

Hello my name is: Lucas Lang.

My qualification is… Master of Dental Technology in Prosthetics.

My role is… Dental Prosthetist and Director of Dentures Plus and Dentistry Plus.

What that means is… I organize everything, from running practices & hiring and managing staff, maintaining optimal quality control, building the brand that is Dentistry Plus and Dentures Plus, and, of course, taking care of our patients.

I also work closely alongside.. everybody!

I was born in… Western Australia.

I first developed an interest in prosthetics when… I was 16.

The reason why am so enthusiastic about dentures and dentistry is because… I like making people smile. (Editors note: this is very true! Lucas is sincerely devoted and dedicated to his craft. He literally bubbles over with enthusiasm when he talks about anything ‘dentures’. He absolutely feels rewarded when he can transform the life of a patient with difficult teeth, to then see them smiling confidently with their new dentures. This is a man that truly loves his job!)

My favourite moment at Dentistry Plus was… Actually there are two: when we opened our first Dentistry Plus practice in 2011, and then Dentures Plus in 2008.

Over the next year, I look forward to… growing the business and becoming one of Perth’s most recognized and reputable dental and denture clinics.

To me, the best thing about working in the dental /prosthetics industry is…being able to change people’s lives by giving them an aesthetically pleasing makeover, and better quality of life.

You’ll always find me… organizing something, and talking on the phone…. Or with my hand in someones mouth.

On a Sunday morning, you can find mewith my family. Sunday is family day.

My number one vice is… Chocolate.

Post note: A little bit mental about dental…

There is a slightly bizarre and almost comical connection between Lucas Lang and all things dental… Not only does he simply love the subject, but everyone around him seems to be connected to the dental industry too! His mum has worked as a dental nurse for over 15yrs; his beautiful wife has worked alongside him, setting up the dentures business in its infancy; of course – Lucas is himself, a dental prosthetist, but couldn’t help set up a couple of dentistry practices along the way – employing a swathe of dental professionals… And finally,  he co-founded Mouthguardian, the above-mentioned leading sports mouthguard company with his best mate, just two years ago!

…Is there nothing “dental”  this man won’t stick his teeth into?

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