Got health insurance? Use it or lose it!

By October 9, 2017Health Insurance
Got health insurance? Use It or Lose It!

Don’t miss out on claiming your dental health insurance rebates.

If you have dental health cover, you may have $1000 or more sitting in your benefits allowance that must be used by December. And this money won’t roll over to the new year!

Benefits and rebates you may be entitled to include:

  • FREE scale & clean – your kids under 18 can also use your card for one free annual service
  • Up to 90% rebate for check-ups, fluoride treatments, fillings, crowns & more.

Dentistry Plus is covered with all health funds, and  is a Medibank Private Members’ Choice & HBF Member Plus Provider, which means you get more money back.

Contact Dentistry Plus today or call: 9300 1416!

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