Dentistry Plus or Dentistry Plus+?

By September 20, 2013Dentistry Plus

Over here at Dentistry Plus, we added a “Plus” to our name because we like to think that we offer a little bit extra. We’re not just any dental clinic; we’re a super sensational family dental centre, delivering the latest in dental techniques to all of our customers.

But there’s something else, too.

There’s an important benefit that many of you simply haven’t been made aware of. We don’t just have health care rebates here at Dentistry Plus – we are actually Participating Providers for HBF and Members Providers for Medibank. Many people think that this is the same thing, but it’s not.

By attending a dental practice that is a Participating Provider of HBF, or Members’ Provider for Medibank, the financial savings for you can be enormous.

In fact, one could argue that we shouldn’t be called Dentistry Plus, but Dentistry Plus+!

You get double the benefits when you visit a participating provider like Dentistry Plus.

Many medical and health centres have provider numbers, which simply means that they are registered with a certain health insurance fund, and their patients are entitled to receive some money back for the treatments they have received. However, these ‘Private’ medical centres often charge much higher prices for their services, so despite the patient getting a rebate, they still have to part with a fair amount of cash.

A Participating Provider (or Members Provider if you are with Medibank) offers fixed prices, set by the health insurance fund, ensuring that you get the service you wish for at the price determined by the fund.

Think that’s fantastic? We’re not surprised. But there’s even more good news. Depending on your cover, you could receive a whopping rebate that is higher than you would receive from normal dental centres that are not participating or members providers. With a participating provider, you will receive back percentages such as 60%, 90% or even 100% for certain dental services.

When you visit a Participating Dental Provider you’ll receive between 60-90% back depending on your level of cover including one fully covered scale and clean every calendar year (up to your annual maximum).


You don’t only get lower prices; you get a higher rebate too. That’s a Dentistry Plus+ indeed.

Other extras

Both Medibank and HBF also give you one free ‘Scale & Clean’ per year with a participating provider such as Dentistry Plus. All you need to do is come in, swipe your card, and thats it – there’s nothing to pay!

Again, it’s essential to note  that you can’t go to any dentist to do this. Many dentists choose not to be participating providers, as they choose to charge higher prices. Obviously, the choice is yours, but if you’d like to save your money, it makes sense to go to a participating provider like Dentistry Plus.

To find out more about what you can expect to (not) pay, call one of our staff today.

Dentistry Plus Joondalup: 9300 1515 or
Dentistry Plus Maddington: 9459 9299

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