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Dental Implants Perth

Now, there’s  no need to suffer the annoyance of loose dentures. Dental implants can be placed in any of our Perth branches by our specialist implantologist (at general dental prices).

Dental implants, a.k.a. teeth implants, permanent or tooth implants, can give you back your appetite for life, enabling you to eat, chew, smile and talk clearly  again.

Joondalup, Leeming & Maddington Clinics

Dentistry Plus provides safe, secure, competitively priced dental implants for Perth patients.

Implants look & feel just like normal teeth, provide a permanent solution. Now, there’s no reason to travel overseas, or even to drive into Perth city and pay premium fees for a specialist. We have an in-house specialist available at general dental prices.

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Dental Implants Perth (Teeth Implants)

Permanent dental implants prevent bone loss

Permanent implants (dental implants) prevent bone loss in the jaw area, which occurs when teeth are missing in the jaw. Not only do sufferers of missing teeth have to endure the embarrassment of a compromised smile, but bone in the jaw area begins to deteriorate (resorption), causing the face to prematurely age. Implants keep the bone in the jaw solid, preventing any facial changes.

Perth teeth implant dentistry:  safe & long-lasting

Many Perth dentists today look favourably upon implant dentistry as it provides most patients with a long-term solution, with a success rate of over 90%. See more information on implant dentistry from the  Australian Dental Association here. More than half a million people receive  teeth implants annually. Fortunately, Dentistry Plus provide this option for dental implants  that Perth people love, as the results can be life changing (providing a professional dentist deems the procedure appropriate).

Let’s talk about cost

We don’t always advertise prices because ironically, this can be misleading. Everyone is different and has vastly  different requirements.  But to give you a basic idea of prices, please see here:

Missing a Single Tooth

If you’ve lost a single tooth, just one dental implant, one abutment & one crown is all you need to replace your tooth.

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Missing Several Teeth

If you have several teeth missing, an implant supported fixed bridge or implant supported partial denture can replace them.

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Missing All Teeth

If you no longer have any of your natural teeth, dental implants and implant supported removable dentures can replace them.

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All your denture & dentistry needs under one roof

If  you have missing teeth and would like to enjoy the benefits of dental implants,  the  process can usually be performed conveniently at the one Dentistry Plus dental surgery location. Our dentist will insert the implant, which is a quick and relatively painless procedure performed in the chair.

Once the teeth implants are in place, our expert dental team can then fit you with the best possible implant supported denture or crown for you.

At our Dentistry Plus clinics in Joondalup, Leeming & Maddington, we have an in-house dental laboratory run by leading dental prosthetic experts, directly controlling the quality of dentures, minimising time delays, making the procedure more affordable for you. That’s why we like to think of DPlus as the Perth implant experts.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Dental Implants Perth for permanent dentures

A word of warning about “dental tourism” in Asia…

Trust an Australian Dentist for Your Implant Dentistry

We recommend you have your tooth implant procedure performed here in Australia, where our dental hygiene standards are high and emergency after-care is readily available. Dentistry Plus offer extremely competitive prices for our  implants. Cheaper prices are available overseas (e.g. Bali, Thailand) and are understandably attractive. However, it pays to think of any potential problems that may arise and how you would deal with it, both from a health perspective – and financially.

If you received an implant while in Thailand and then return to Australia to discover you had developed an infection, what would happen? Would your dentist in Thailand pay for you to return overseas, stay in a hotel and pay for any ongoing dental expenses? This would be unlikely.

What if your procedure was not successful and had to be removed? Again, would your overseas dentist be prepared to fly you back overseas and pay for all expenses? Overseas procedures can be significantly cheaper – if nothing goes wrong. Problems such as infections or poor integration can occur and these issues must not be taken lightly. We don’t suggest you gamble with your health.

Eat well again!

Dental implants allow you to eat a wider variety of foods, including steak, crusty bread and fruit, allowing you to receive far greater nutrition.

Dental implants explained

A dental implant it is a tiny little metal post, made of titanium, with a specific surface that helps form with the bone in your jaw. Once it is implanted into your jaw, it behaves much the same as a normal tooth root would behave. Your own bone grows around the implant over several months (osseointegration), making it extremely sturdy. On the top of the implant, a ceramic tooth is fitted that looks and feels just like your own tooth.

As long as there are no complications, the implant and a ceramic false tooth that is joined on top of the implant should stay there for life.

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