Dental Implants Cost: Perth vs Bali – let’s weigh things up

By April 17, 2016Dental Implants
Cost of Dental Implants in Perth

It can’t be denied, dental implants are a revolution in the world of dentistry. For those missing teeth, restoring function and confidence with implant supported dentures can be life changing.

But that’s not the issue; people don’t need convincing on the benefits, they need to be able to afford the procedure.

It’s essential to understand why certain implants and procedures cost money – and why Australia charges more than Bali. Inferior parts can be cheaper, but not safer. And there are other serious issues to consider, too.

The cost of dental implants

The cost of dental implants in Perth is often discussed. “How could such tiny little screws cost so much?”, people ask.  Why not go to Bali and get them done for $1000?”

There are a few good reasons.

How much do teeth implants cost?

At Dentistry Plus, dental implants are $1999 each, or $1750 each if four or more are purchased. Currently at Leederville, we have an opening special of just $1499 per implant.

However, you would have to pay more for the abutments, attachments and so on.

Dental Implant with abutment & crown - available in PerthAlternatively, you could go to Bali and pay just $1000, or even less, for a single dental implant.

But we don’t know the quality of that implant, or whether it would be approved in Australia by our stringent TGA. We don’t know if the implant will be placed correctly, or if poor implementation will result in further problems. That is a risk you have to take. You also have to hope that promises of hygiene will be delivered.

A $1000 price tag will probably not include an abutment and crown (the dental implant is just the screw that goes beneath the gum line into your jawbone).

You will also have to wait several months before you complete the procedure as the implant has to fix into the bone in a process known as osseointegration. Therefore, you would have to return to Bali couple of months later.

Alternatively, if you let the Bali dentist complete the procedure without waiting the recommended time, you may be up for even more problems as the implant would not have integrated and will not be stable.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Added to the fee will be your airfare to Bali and accommodation. Fingers crossed that the procedure goes correctly. Otherwise, you will have to pay for another trip to Bali, with another lot of accommodation expenses – and another dental implant cost of $1000 for a repeat procedure if the bone is not too damaged.

Common problems with implants performed by Bali dentists include:

  • Poor materials used for implants
  • Teeth and jaw infections
  • Failed implants

Certainly, though, prices for dental implants in Bali are lower. Not only is the standard of living over there cheaper, but they used to be materials that may not be accepted by Australian government standards. There are hundreds of dental implants on the market today, but only a small handful is accepted by the TGA in Australia. Finally, Bali dentists have far fewer qualified staff to help with the procedure.

Your teeth and jawbone sit incredibly close to your brain. Are you prepared to risk an infection in this area?


Where does the money go when paying for dental implants in Perth?

dental hygiene control in Perth

When electing for dental implants in Perth, you are paying for the following:

  • the dental practitioner’s (implantologist’s) extensive training and experience
  • the quality of the implant used (only a small handful – out of hundreds – are accepted in Australia)
  • the quality of the parts that attach to the tooth implant
  • the level of expertise of supporting staff working with the dentist
  • the extensive level of infection control in the dental surgery, which is dramatically higher than overseas.

Where you have your implant surgery performed is up to you. However, as Australian dental professionals, we strongly advise you to have your dental implant procedures performed here in Perth.

 Dental payment plans

At Dentistry Plus, we offer extremely competitive prices for our dental implants in our Perth dental clinics. However, we realise that people don’t always have thousands of dollars spare change. That’s why we’ve introduced payment plans to make your important dental implant procedure more budget-friendly.

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